Giving Back

Women's Shelter Donations

We partner with a local charitable organization that provides haircuts/styles and makeup tutorials for women living in homeless shelters, domestic violence centers, unwed mother's homes, and substance abuse transitional homes.

We provide makeup for these shelters to help women living in these difficult circumstances to get the care & support they need in their lives. and find the confidence to move forward and give themselves and their children better lives.


We donate a portion of our sales to various children's orphanages around the world to allow these children to get off the streets or out of human trafficking situations in order to give them the chance to grow up in more healthy, healing environments.

Humanitarian Aid

A portion of our sales is given for humanitarian aid around the world, including: Free food distribution; Scholarships for needy students; Villages adopt programs; Flood, earthquake & natural disaster relief; Healthcare; and Homes & slums renovation.