How to Wear Makeup Without Triggering Your Acne

How to Wear Makeup Without Triggering Your Acne

Acne's so fun! Said no one ever. Acne can be a real drag and we have a whole line of natural and organic skincare products targeted specifically for oily and acne-prone skin. Check out our detailed blog post on how to choose the right acne skincare for your skin type here.

Organic Acne Skincare Collection

However today we're going to talk about makeup. Makeup and acne can be a catch 22 - it helps you cover pimples and scars, so it can make you feel more confident, yet some makeup can trigger acne, so the cycle continues.

Luckily, the ingredients which can be most triggering for acne are mostly those we don't use, such as D&C red dyes, silicones, parabens and artificial fragrances. Read on to hear about which makeup you should use to avoid triggering your acne, and possibly to help heal it, all while making you look your most beautiful and confident.

Some of our customers have said that our Creme Foundation actually helped heal their skin and acne! This is likely because of the zinc oxide in it, which is anti-inflammatory and helps with redness and irritation. It also has neem, which is anti-bacterial.

That being said, in general powder makeup will be better for oily and acne-prone skin than creams. You can definitely try samples our cream foundations and see for yourself, however powder will help to absorb excess oil and is less likely to cause breakouts in those who are prone to them.

Organic Makeup

So for your base, try our Pressed Foundation or Powder Foundation. You can try samples of our Creme Concealer and see how your skin does with it. Remember: creams before powders, so start with the concealer and apply the powder foundation on top.

If you do use our Creme Foundation, you can dust some Translucent Finishing Powder on top to set it and help absorb any excess oil. You can also try our Banana Corrective Finishing Powder, which has a subtle yellow tint to help neutralize redness.

Powder Makeup

For cheeks, we'll again stick with powder formulas as the default. Our Boujee Blushing Duos are a pressed blush which include a lighter and darker shade, which you can swirl together or use separately. Our Pressed Cheek Colours are pressed blush with a single shade, and the Powder Cheek Colours are loose mineral blush.

If you want to go further with cheek makeup, check out our Coconut Beach Pressed Bronzer or our PureSculpt Contour Kit, which includes both contour and highlight pressed powders in a lovely compact with a mirror.

Acne can be so stressful, it's this extra thing you have to deal with, that other people don't have to think about it. The most important thing to remember is you're beautiful just as you are! Makeup can be a way to help you feel more confident as you go about your day. It doesn't have to exacerbate your acne, it may even help! Enjoy it, have fun.


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