4 Unexpected Ways to Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day

4 Unexpected Ways to Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day

Whether you're single or have a beau in your life this Valentine's Day, why not find some sweet ways to declare love... to yourself! Yes, gifts from others are lovely, but gifts from yourself (to yourself) are divine. This Valentine's Day, spoil yourself a little, you deserve it!

Buy Yourself (Well-Fitting) Lingerie

Have you heard that most women are not wearing the correct size bra? This Valentine's Day, give yourself the support you really need! Most women are wearing too large a band and too small a cup, so if you're wearing a 36B, you likely should wear a 34C (or 32D, E, etc, you'd be surprised). 

Grab a tape measure and get measuring. This website will guide you and it's actually quite accurate: A Bra That Fits Calculator . Don't be shocked if your cup size goes further down the alphabet than you expected. We're conditioned to think that a D-cup is the largest, but actually it's quite common to be an E-F-G etc cup.

Keep in mind that US and European/UK sizing use a different cup system, so if you buy a bra from a European or UK brand, be aware of that. The UK has several wonderful brands with inclusive sizing, like Freya, Fantasie and Panache. You can even find some of them on Amazon!

*image from US v. UK Bra Sizing – La Bella Coppia Large Cup Lingerie

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Store-bought chocolate is good, but have you ever tried making your own at home? It's actually easier than you would think. Here's a recipe that uses only three ingredients! And you can add whatever toppings or flavors you like. You can get a silicone mold from a craft store like Michaels, or on Amazon.

Find Your Season

Getting your "colors done" was all the rage decades ago, and it's back in style. What is it? It's a way to find a color palette that suits your skin. You'd be amazed what a difference it can make in your face, and therefore your confidence. It also makes shopping for clothing easier.

So how do you find out if you're a soft autumn or deep winter? Search for color analysis to find in-person consultations in your area, or there are digital options on Etsy or similar sites. However, you may just want to use a free app. It might not be quite as accurate, but it will give you a good idea if you go through the process a few times with different pictures. A fun website and app is colorwise.me.


Here are some fun Instagram accounts to follow who talk about color analysis.

Bring the Spa Home

Organic Spa at Home

Yes, indulging in a spa day is great if you have the time and money for it, but you can plan a totally relaxing spa night at home! Set your phone to silent and start with a luxurious bath using our organic Spa Soaks. While you're relaxing, why not do a nourishing face mask to pamper your skin? Finish up with a delicious oil-based organic facial serum to leave your skin glowing.

So that's it, which of these do you think you'll try out? Whatever you do, remember to indulge and enjoy yourself, that's what this time of year is all about!

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