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How to Treat Your Acne Naturally

We recently released a new acne line to help you treat your acne using natural botanicals instead of harsh ingredients which may strip and irritate your skin. Our products will allow you to naturally cleanse, balance and restore your skin to it's natural glow. 

There are several products included, so this post will clarify which ones will be best for your unique and beautiful self.

You can check out all our acne products on our website, including the entire Organically Clear Acne Collection at a discount.

If you have dry or sensitive acne-prone skin, try these products:

Cleansing System

- Spot Treatment DAILY or Spot Treatment DEEP PORE

Organically Clear Moisturizer

If you have combination, oily and/or or acne-prone skin, try these products:

Cleansing System

- Spot Treatment DAILY or Spot Treatment DEEP PORE (if you have very oily skin you might not like the Deep Pore since it's oil-based, in that case use the Daily).

- French Clay and Charcoal Mask

- LavaSalt Scrub

- Moisturizer 


Cleansing System

For combination, oily or acne-prone skin.

Our Acne Cleansing System is a two-step system that will cleanse your skin without stripping it, thus protecting the moisture barrier and acid mantle.

Step 1: The oil cleanser contains oils that are thin, light and non-comedogenic, such as watermelon seed, broccoli seed, borage and jojoba oil. They're nourishing and helpful for acne but won't clog pores or cause oiliness. Watermelon oil has the added benefit of pulling out debris from the pores. The oil cleanser also has beneficial essential oils like citrus, tea tree and thyme, which help cleanse the skin and have antibacterial effects.

Step 2: The finishing cloths contain aloe to help nourish and soften the skin. They also contain willow bark which is a derivative of salicylic acid - it helps exfoliate and clean out the pores. Apple cider vinegar acts as an astringent and natural probiotics work to kill bacteria on your skin. Our finishing cloths are made from bamboo, an eco-friendly and antibacterial material.

Buy the Two-Step Cleansing System here.

Check out all our acne products here.


Spot Treatment DAILY

For any skin type but especially people with extra oily skin because it’s water-based, not oil based.

All-Natural Daily Spot Treatment for Pimples and Acne

The Daily Spot Treatment is for surface level acne. It contains raspberry extract which is anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidants to brighten the skin. It also contains tea tree oil, which is antibacterial and balances oil production. It's full of natural ingredients to clean out and soothe the skin.

Buy the Daily Spot Treatment here.

Check out all our acne products here.


Spot Treatment DEEP PORE

For normal to dry skin, or people who live in dry climates, because it’s oil-based.

All-Natural Deep Pore Spot Treatment for Pimples and Acne

The Deep Pore Spot Treatment is for deep cystic acne, usually found along the jawline, cheeks and neck. It pull debris and oil to the surface and dries it up. It can be used at night or in the morning under makeup. The Deep Pore Spot Treatment has CBD oil which helps with inflammation and deep healing. It has neem oil which is both anti-inflammatory and soothing.

Buy the Deep Pore Spot Treatment here.

Check out all our acne products here.


French Clay and Charcoal Masque

For normal, combination, oily, acne-prone skin. Not good for dry or sensitive skin.

Organic Clay Mask for Acne

The French Clay and Charcoal Masque can be used about twice a week. You'll make a thin paste with around 2 parts water to 1 part mask - it doesn't need to be thick. You can leave it on for anywhere up to 15 minutes, just don't dry out your skin. The Clay and Charcoal Masque tightens pores and draws out impurities and extra oil, while softening the skin.

Buy the French Clay and Charcoal Masque here.

Check out all our acne products here.


LavaSalt Scrub

For normal, combination, oily, acne-prone skin. *Not good for broken skin, exposed acne, dry skin or sensitive skin.

Organic LavaSalt Scrub for Acne

The LavaSalt Scrub is an exfoliating scrub made from sea salt and activated charcoal. It helps to slough off dead skin and clean out your pores.

Buy the LavaSalt Scrub here.

Check out all our acne products here.


Organically Clear Moisturizer

For normal to dry skin that is acne-prone. People with extra oily skin might not like it because it’s oil-based, unless they’ve done the scrub or the mask and want to replenish.

Organic Acne Moisturizer

This healing and replenishing oil-based moisturizer protects the skin. It contains CBD oil which helps with inflammation, willow bark which cleans out the pores and natural probiotics which have an antibacterial effect. The oils used are light and non-comedogenic.

Buy the Organically Clear Moisturizer here.

Check out all our acne products here.

If you have any questions about these or other products, please use the chat feature on our website, email us at , or schedule a free Beauty Concierge video chat appointment with Michele. 

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