Color Matching Your Foundation

Color Matching Your Foundation

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Buying makeup online can be tricky! Which is why at Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques, we offer samples on almost all our products. We encourage you to try a few shades before purchasing a full size of foundation.

This article will help you choose which type of foundation will suit your skin type and lifestyle best, what your undertone is and which shades will match you. Let's go!

Choosing which type of foundation

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques has 4 types of natural foundation: creme, tinted sunscreen, loose powder and pressed powder.

In general, the Creme Foundation and Tinted Sunscreen are best for those with normal to dry skin, who want a more dewy look.⁠ They're both SPF 28. The Creme Foundation has more coverage than the tinted sunscreen.

If you like the Creme Foundation or Tinted Sunscreen but want it to look more matte, you can use our Finishing Powder on top.

The powder foundations are best for those with normal to oily skin, who want a more matte look.⁠ The loose and pressed powders are the same, they just come in a different format.

Figuring out your undertone

Cool tones are more pink while warm tones are more golden/yellow. Cool tones tend to burn in the sun while warm tones tend to tan. One trick is to look at the veins on your arms - if they appear blue then you're cool toned, if they appear green then you're warm toned. Neutral is in between.

Also when you've tried foundations in the past, do they tend to look too orange/yellow or too pink? If they look too orange, then you're cool or neutral. If they look too pink, then you're warm or neutral.

Here are swatches of our creme foundation colors:

Here are swatches of our Tinted Sunscreen:

The Tinted Sunscreen shade 101 is equivalent to the Creme Foundation 10 shades, the 201 matches the Creme Foundation 30 shades and the 301 matches the Creme Foundation 40 shades. You can get a sense in this photo.

Test it Out

You're in luck! We offer samples on all our foundations. We recommend you try a few samples to find your best shade match.

The best way to choose your foundation shade is to stand by a window with natural light and put swatches on the side of your cheek, just above your jaw bone. The one that seems to disappear, that's your shade!

Also be aware of the color of your neck, for example if you only wear sunscreen on your face, your neck and body may be darker in the summer. Ideally you want to match your neck and body, but don't worry about it too much.



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