Sparkle & Shine

Sparkle & Shine

The Holidays are upon us and with that comes all the beauty and splendor of the season.  Naturally we all want to glitz up our makeup routine with a bit more glamour to accommodate the parties and fun that fill our busy days.  We have some quick and easy tips to add that extra “sparkle”.  
Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques  has a line of  Body Glitters  that are perfect for this occasion.  Now I know you may be thinking that glitter is for little girls and too juvenile, but we have some great ways you can add glitter to enhance your favorite features in a beautiful and subtle way.  Before we get started, I want to remind you about “the rule of one”.  The “rule of one” is simply to pick one area that you want to highlight or make bold while the other features of your face stay more subtle.  
One of the inherent problems with glitter is that it likes to spread and doesn’t adhere to the face on its own. Harmful adhesives are usually the solution to this. At Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques, our answer to this dilemma is to apply the glitter with another product.  There are three options for eye area application.  The first application is to use Primer  to the lid.  Then mix Body Glitters with a Powder Eye Colour.  The Powder eye Shadow will hold the glitter and fix it to the eye.

For a second eye application, glitter can be mixed with the Creme Eye Shadow for an even softer and subtler glitter effect to the lid. 

Finally, an all-natural adhesive can be used to apply glitter as an eye liner (as seen above).  This can be done by applying the adhesive with an Eye Liner Brush and then picking up glitter with the same brush and gently pressing it into the adhesive.  This adhesive can be made at home, but keep in mind that the adhesive is not clear and therefore would work best with a more opaque glitter look. The link to the recipe for the natural adhesive is at the end of the blog.  Another adhesive option is to use egg whites.   Be aware that egg whites while clear, also get stiff when they harden and therefore are only a real option for a thin liner or wing, not for an entire lid application.  
If your smile is your favorite feature to highlight, then you might want to add glitter to your favorite Botanical Lip Gloss  or  Colour Fusion Lip Glaze .  While both our lip glosses and glazes have a lot of shimmer the glitter will just enhance the lips even more.  You can also take your favorite matte Lip Colour , such as Crème Brulee (pictured below) and add glitter to go from a beautiful day look to a more sophisticated night time look instantly.

Last we would suggest that you can add Body Glitters to our Organic Skin Thérapie or your favorite all natural lotion to add a beautiful highlight to your shoulders.  This technique will give a beautiful soft glow to your skin and really add a special touch to your holiday look (pictured below).

Whatever this Holiday Season holds in store for you, we at Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques hope that you can find a way to add a little extra sparkle and remember to just be you.
*A special thanks to @Tiffini_Wines_Designs for the images/looks.     
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