A Wish Come True

A Wish Come True

Some exciting new things are happening at Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques.  Along with our new website, we are pleased to announce that you now have the ability to create wish lists.  This will take all the guess work out of holiday, birthday and anniversary shopping.  You won't have anymore gifts to return or long lines to stand in trying to exchange.  All you have to do is simply go shopping for yourself on our site and then send a link to your wish list to anyone who will be shopping for you.  Trust me when I say that your loved ones will thank you for simplifying  their shopping experience as well! 

So here's how it works.  First, go to our website at Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques.  Once on the site, you can go to any product you would like. Click on the product and it will give you an individual product page. From there you can select the color or size of each product.  After you have the desired product selected, look to the right of your screen.  Immediately under the +/- quantity buttons there is a new little heart.  If you hover over the heart it will say, "add to wish list".  Click on the heart.  Now the heart will have changed from a simple outline to a solid purple heart.  You have now added this item to your wish list.  Continue to do this for all the items you would like to add to your wish list.  Once you have a complete list, scroll all the way to the top of the web page.  There in the top right corner, next to the My Account, will be a button called My Wish List.  It will have a number next to it alerting you to the number of items on your wish list.  Click on this button and you will be redirected to your complete Wish List. From this page, you can make any changes to your list that you would like.  In a light blue bar across the page, you will have the option to login to your account to save your wish list.  We recommend saving your list so you can return to it at any time.  Once you have saved your selections, in the top right hand corner of the page there is a button Share Wishlist.  Click on this button.  It will open a small window that will contain a URL link that you can copy and send to anyone you would like.  Another option is to click on the social media icon you prefer and share your wish list through that program.  For example, if you were to click on the envelope, you would be directed to the option of emailing your list.  Or if you select the Facebook option, you would be sent to a Login page for Facebook where you can send your wish list to any of your friends. 

That is all there is to making a wish list.  Not only do you get to shop for yourself without leaving the comfort of your own home, but you are taking the guessing out of he gift giving process for your loved ones.  And if you want to make the gift giving process easier on yourself as well, ask all your hard to shop for friends and loved ones to make a list of their own. Then all your shopping can be done in one easy location.  You will know that the gifts you are giving are of the highest quality and safe for your loved ones.  Not to mention, it will be exactly what they wanted.  We here at Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques hope that our new Wish List Feature will help simplify your life and all your gift giving. 

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