A Purely Clean Face

A Purely Clean Face

Have you ever struggled to find the right skin care products that work for you? 

We all have different lifestyles and skin care needs. At Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques we have a solution to simplify your skin care routine while providing a pure and natural option for skin care. 

Our Two Step Cleansing System contains no detergents, sulfates or harsh chemicals.  Traditional cleansers work by stripping the skin of its natural barriers and actually leave the face unprotected from toxins, environmental contaminants and allergens.  Our Two Step Cleansing System works with your natural skin to provide healthier skin and a beautiful natural complexion. We use only pure natural ingredients that consist of organic botanical oils, extracts and essential oils to naturally cleanse your skin.

For most of us, using oil to cleanse our skin seems counter-intuitive as we are trying to clean the oils off our skin.  The oils used in the 2-step cleansing system work synergistically together to remove the oil and grime from your skin without stripping it of much needed natural moisture.

The first step in this 2-step cleansing process is to massage the cleansing oil into your skin.  This process draws out and loosens the toxins on your face, bringing them to the surface. The second step is to use the finishing cloth to gently wipe away the oils and impurities from your skin leaving it fresh and clean.  Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques offers three different cleansing systems to meet all different skin types and needs:

Revitalizing Vitamin C Skin Cleansing System
    The Revitalizing Vitamin C Skin Cleansing System contains Comfrey to promote skin cell regeneration and Hemp Seed to preserve natural skin barriers, while balancing moisture.  Sweet Orange and Key Lime essential oils are used as all-natural cleansers and toners.

Anti-Aging and Moisturizing Cleansing System
    The Ant-Aging and Moisturizing Cleansing System contains Pomegranate that deeply penetrates the skin to promote collagen and elastin.  This system’s finishing cloths are moistened with passion flower that calms irritations and dandelion extract that slows cell degeneration while promoting collagen synthesis.
Blemish and Oil Control Cleansing System
    The Blemish and Oil Control Cleansing System uses Watermelon seed oil that loosens excess sebum in pores to cleanse the skin.  It also contains Grapefruit oil and clary sage to balance the skin’s natural oils while detoxifying and working as an all-natural astringent.  

Each of these Two Step Cleansing Systems will work with your skin to bring it to a more beautiful and healthier state so you can be your best you .

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