Romantic Beauty

Romantic Beauty

Do you consider yourself a true romantic at heart?  Do you fall in love completely and find yourself totally devoted?  Are you intuitive, sensitive and gentle?  Do you feel like you are a dreamer, artistic and creative?  Do you value honesty, spirituality and sincerity?  If you feel intuitive and find that you follow your instincts through life and focus on knowing others on a deeper level, then this kit may be a good starting point for you. 

The colors in the Romantic beauty palettes are designed for those who have a big heart and have a lot of love to share with others.  Some of the physical features of the Romantic Beauty could include, soft mystic features, dimples, large mysterious eyes, a lovely smile, fine and often light-colored hair and soft pearl-like skin.  

The Romantic Beauty Kits have been put together with this type of person in mind.  Each kit comes with colors that work together to express the Romantic Beauty in us all. 


Forever Love


Shimmering Sea



More Romantic Beauty Color Palettes to try:

  1. Night Violette Powder Eye Colour, Wisteria Creme Eyeshadow, Platinum Creme Eyeshadow, White Satin Creme Eyeshadow
  2. Plum Fairy Creme Eyeshadow, Dahlia Creme Eyeshadow, Eggplant Powder Eye Colour, Lilac Powder Eye Colour, Moon Dust Pressed Eyeshadow
  3. Azure Sky Powder Eye Colour, Frosted Breeze Powder Eye Colour, Morning Dew Pressed Eyeshadow, Moon Dust Pressed Eyeshadow


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