All of us at least once in our life have been told that certain colors look good on us or that we should avoid specific colors or styles at all costs.  In fact, many people freely dole out their fashion advice without true consideration of personality or emotion. Haven’t we all had days when we desire nothing more than our favorite sheer gloss and mascara as our complete makeup look only to rise the next day wanting to be fierce and confident with a deep red lip and dark smokey eye? 

No one fits perfectly into a makeup type or look. It can get very confusing and frustrating when we believe that we must stick to a specific color palette or make up style, or even more confusing trying to figure out which colors pair well together. 

Over the past year, we have worked hard with make up artists and stylists to organize our color palettes to take the guess work out of color matching.  This year we will be introducing various styles and coordinated color collections and kits to help each woman express their unique style. 

With our exclusive beauty styles, we will be including various personality characteristics and style preferences that work well with our new color palette kits. Different looks will be featured each month and will show the matching coordinated color kits for each different type of beauty. All you will have to do is read about each beauty type, and decide if you feel like you relate to that particular style. 

Keep in mind, your preferences and style may vary from day to day. It will be so easy to have a kit for whatever mood or style you want each day with all the coordinating colors put together for you. If you find that you are a true romantic at heart, vibrantly bold or expressive, there will be a color palette for you. With our unique palettes, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit of styles and shades to help you express who you truly are.

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