Color Extending Eye Primers

Color Extending Eye Primers


One of the most essential beauty products is eye primer.  Not only does it provide the obvious perks but there are a couple of uses that may surprise you. 

Eye primers are essential to a beauty regime.  All day long we are blinking, squinting, rubbing and even scratching our eyes without thinking.  Each time this happens we run the risk of smearing or removing our eye makeup.

Primers affix the makeup to the area of application and it will not move until you are ready to wash it off at the end of the day. The eye area is your most delicate skin and tugging, stretching or pulling that delicate area will result in early wrinkles and creasing. 

Eye primer allows for easy eye shadow application that will last all day and eliminate the need for repeated application or cleanup in the eye area due to shifting products.  Primer works to smooth skin and fine wrinkles which prevents eye shadows from settling in creases and wrinkles.  Even with dry skin, the lid and crease area of your face is one of the oiliest areas of your face.  This area collects moisture and sweat that causes makeup to shift, run and crease on your face. Eye primer works to absorb oil and moisture, which allows for products to stay put. 

Last, Eye Primer gives a perfect base for any eye product you decide to use, especially Creme Eyeshadows.  All the colors you choose will be more vibrant, true to color, and will apply more evenly with a smoother texture. 

How do you decide which primer is best for you? At Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques we have developed both a powder and a crème eye primer.  This means we have a primer just right for you.  Both the powder eye primer and the crème eye primer were tested on oily, combination and dry skin with success for every combination; however, we recommend powder primer for oily and combination skin types and the crème primer for combination to dry skin.  Ultimately, it just comes down to preference and what works best with the products you love. 

To apply the Color Extending Eye Primer Powder, you simply need to lightly dip the tip of the Oval Eye/Concealer Brush, tap off any excess powder, then gently sweep the eye lid area with the primer powder.   

The Color Extending Eye Primer Creme is a thick crème that is best applied from a tube. To apply, slowly glide stick over entire eyelids. If more precision application is required, for example the corners of the eye or under the brow, an eyeliner brush will be stiff enough to apply with precise strokes. For cooler climates or seasons, slightly warming the primer will help with an easier application. Because our primers are so concentrated, remember less is more.       

Our eye primers have other uses as well.  First, carefullly apply it on the under-eye area for longer-lasting oncealer.  The same benefits apply to this region as our lids.  There is delicate skin that is prone to wrinkles and dark circles under our eyes and we use concealer to deal with it.  With eye primer applied under the concealer it will stay put and prevent concealer from settling into creases and wrinkles.  It will also extend the effectiveness of concealer all day. 

Second, eye primer can be used on blemishes to create a surface that allows foundation and concealer to stay put and provide better coverage.  Third, in a bind, eye primer is a great replacement for lip primer as well.

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