Expressive Beauty

Expressive Beauty

Would you consider yourself bubbly, affectionate, and inquisitive?  Do you hate to be alone? Are you social with a quick mind and a flair for language?

Expressive beauties are adaptable and curious with a childlike enthusiasm for all things new.  They work to make sense of the world and want to experience all that the world has to offer. By nature, social circles are very important, and time spent with family is paramount. They possess the innate ability to communicate and build bridges between people.  

Expressive personalities are drawn to music, books, magazines, the arts and really any form of communication. More often than not, their minds are racing, and their powers of observation are in overdrive. They are open-minded artists, writers and journalists. Because they tend to be so adaptable, expressive beauties can be indecisive and avoid repetition and routine.  You can often tell what an expressive beauty is feeling just by the look on their face. They are an open book.

Delicate features and a pale complexion are also very common in this beauty type. Expressive Beauties have a sense of energy that seems to be just below the surface. They are often drawn to yellows, silvers, and gold. If any, or all of these traits resonate with you then you might want to consider trying the Expressive Beauty Kit.  They are filled with beautiful bright whites, golds and coppers and have black liners that will highlight your expressive eyes.

Our Expressive Beauty Collection is for those who are curious and communicative with a childlike enthusiasm for life. This look captures the essence of light, sparkling, playful look.

This playful, enthusiastic style can be very inquisitive and intellectual with a natural affinity to the social side of life. The characteristics of this style are mental alertness, a flair for language, social sophistication and embodies a fun, playful, friendly disposition. The focal point for this style is wonderful, twinkling eyes that seem young and alive no matter the age. This style is charming in a light, playful way that carries with it a wonderful sense of humor that keeps life from being taken too seriously and a love for adventure and change.    

Spring Blossom

Spring Blossom Expressive Beauty Collection


Sparkling Breeze

Sparkling Breeze Expressive Beauty Style Collection



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