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Sparkling Breeze Beauty Style Color Collection - Expressive

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Expressive Style Collections

We are creating unique style-specific palettes to our line this year. These various collections will help express and celebrate each woman's individuality and uniqueness.

Our Expressive Style Set may be for you if you identify with one or more of the following:

  • Quick mind & well-developed powers of observation
  • Very friendly, playful and charming
  • Excellent with communication
  • Bubbly, affectionate & inquisitive
  • Young and alive no matter what your age
  • Loves variety, change & new experiences in life
  • Good sense of humor
  • Loves sparkles

Our Expressive Sparkling Breeze Collection includes:

  • Summer Wind Pressed Eyeshadow, Satin Peach/Frosted Breeze Pressed Eyeshadow Duo, Diamonds Powder Eye Colour, Ebony Liquid Eyeliner, Apricot/Orange Vanilla Botanical Lip Gloss Duo.



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