Eyebrow Trends and Solutions

Eyebrow Trends and Solutions

Over the last decades, eyebrow trends have evolved. The ‘90s and ‘00s were filled with barely-there brows that were over plucked and left us with a perpetual surprised look.  In more recent years full voluptuous brows have taken a more prominent role. While changing up your look can be fun, overplucked brows can take as long as six months to regrow.  Here at Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques we believe that a natural brow is a beautiful brow and following brow trends is a frivolous risk. It has been said that the eyes are the window to the soul and your brows frame those windows. What do your brows say about you?

Natural brows are totally classic, and no one ever regrets a full natural brow.  The over plucked era is over and we can breathe a sigh of relief that a natural beautiful brow is always in style.  While bold brows are leading the trends, we would caution that there is a difference between bold and full. Brows should never look heavy and weigh down your eyes.  Brows along with your hair are the frame for your face. Remember eyebrows should draw attention to your eyes and face while never being the focus of attention..

The shape of your brow totally depends on your preference.  If you are unsure where to start take a look at your face shape.  If you have a square shaped face you will want to soften the sharp angles of your face with rounded and softer brows.  If you have a heart shaped face you will want to compliment that shape by shaping brows in a shallow arch. Last if your face is round and has soft lines then you might consider adding an angled arch to contrast.  Start with subtle shapes until you build confidence.

According to Phoebe Waller of Bustle, “We are likely to see plenty more wacky eyebrow trends on the horizon, but to ensure you don't regret any of your brow choices in years to come, take our advice and experiment with eyebrow makeup, rather than the actual structure of your brows. Because, as you may have learned by now, brows are for life, not just 1999.”

At Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques we were excited to find that a more natural brow was leading the trends. In response, we developed Brow kits for every level and need. Our suggestion for a natural organic brow look is to use our new Brow Kits. We have a Basic Eye Brow Kit , a Deluxe Eye Brow Kit and a Pro Eye Brow Kit. All kits come with a pressed Brow Colour that you can select to match your hair color, designing wax to shape those wayward brows into the perfect natural arch, an applicator brush and six templates for those of us who need a little extra help in the shaping department.  If you are ready to up your look a notch, then the deluxe kit is perfect. It comes with everything mentioned previously and three brow brushes and two pressed highlighters. The pro kits are exactly what you need for a complete brow makeover. It comes with another brow colour of your choice, a concealer duo and a white liner pencil.  

Regardless of your ability or needs we have a kit that will fit your needs. Join us and start to enjoy this trend of beautiful natural looking brows.



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