Sophisticated Beauty

Sophisticated Beauty

Do you believe anything is possible with hard work and patience? Are you someone who prizes organization, discipline and perseverance? Would you consider yourself full of drive and ambition and ready to climb to the top of your profession? At times are you willing to take a risk in order to achieve your goals, but never reckless in those choices? If this describes you, then you might be a Sophisticated Beauty. 

Categorically, they are old beyond their years and responsible with a mature head on young shoulders. Sophisticated Beauties tend to hold themselves responsible for everything in their circle of influence and are completely sure of themselves. They are often held as an authority in their circle of friends and are completely trustworthy. Many would describe this type of beauty as cool and classy with an air of refinement and poise and deliberate movements. These women are realistic, practical and have very little time for superficial things. A secure future is very important to them and stability is vital. Preparation for the future is a high priority for them. 

A Sophisticated Beauty would be classified as tender and caring. Their personal relationships are very important to them. Despite their personal drive they are very tolerant of others and extremely patient.

Even though they have great communication skills, they tend to be shy and keep their personal life private except for a very close trusted inner circle. Sophisticated Beauties have a deep sense of right and wrong and they always abide by the rules.

The physical appearance of a Sophisticated Beauty could be characterized by great bone structure. Prominent eyebrows, excellent cheek bones and a serious expression are their most memorable features. They often have fine straight hair with a beautifully clear complexion. Graceful, thin and of medium height these women are the embodiment of Sophistication. Their signature color is black, with black lace working very nicely somewhere in their look.

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