Are Your Kisses Healthy?

Are Your Kisses Healthy?

What are you sharing with your loved ones? I would wager that it is a lot more than you realize.

I am sure that we are all “guilty” of kissing our sweetheart and family. If you wear lipstick, then you could be sharing harmful ingredients. Many traditional lipsticks contain heavy metals, chromium, aluminum, parabens and more.

These harmful elements will often not be found on the ingredient list because they can be hidden in the colorants that are used. Long term exposure to lead can lead to brain damage and there is no safe amount of lead intake. Parabens can cause  hormone imbalances, even in small amounts. When we leave sweet lip marks on our loved ones, this can be what we are putting on them.

So what does this mean for the one actually wearing the lip products?

Throughout the day we eat and drink and lick our lips. Did you know that over the course of your life you can ingest almost 4 pounds of lip products? That is alarming!

At Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques we have your well-being in mind. All our Lip Products are 100% natural and contain certified organic ingredients that are safe for licking, eating and kissing your sweethearts. And with all the good ingredients in them, you are free to reapply as often as you like.

Not only are our lip product free of harmful substances but they contain many ingredients that improve the health of our lips. Certified organic jojoba oil, coconut oil and beeswax are used to promote hydration. The natural ingredients are especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin and allergies. The colorants used are derived from natural minerals and never contain harmful metals or hidden chemicals.

At one time or another we have all been guilty of licking our lips and kissing our loved ones and with Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques products you are perfectly safe to do so.

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