Organic Beauty Concierge

Organic Beauty Concierge

Have you ever wandered the aisles of beauty products looking for that perfect lip color or foundation only to get home and realize it turns orange on your skin? Or perhaps you wanted to use pressed foundation only to discover that it settled in your fine wrinkles and accentuated them. Are you better suited to a color saturated lip stick or a sheer lip gloss? Maybe you need some tips on correcting skin discolorations or dark under-eye smudges from sleepless nights.

Are you sure about what you don’t like, but unsure of what you will love? Is your skin too dry, too oily or a combination of both and you’re unsure what skin care products are best for you? If you have any of these questions or more, then our new Organic Beauty Concierge Services will be perfect for you.

You can stop wasting time and money on products that don’t suit you and leave you feeling frustrated!

Now you can get face-to-face personalized color and skin care advice from our Makeup Artists and Master Estheticians. They are available via video chats from the privacy of your own home and can be scheduled for a time that is convenient for you. You will be able to discuss any concerns you have with skin care or get help picking makeup colors that you both love and look fabulous in.

Our Makeup Artists and Master Estheticians can even teach you proper application techniques that will compliment your face shape, your personal style and your skin type. Did you know that bronzers should not be applied to all face shapes in the same way, or that a beautiful smokey eye can be achieved with rich browns or plums depending on your eye coloring and skin undertones? Whatever your beauty questions, we are here to help make buying beautiful Organic Makeup positive and enjoyable.

Our goal is to help every woman to feel beautiful and to help you express your true self with products that nourish your skin. Our Concierge Service comes with no obligation to buy any products, but at the end of every session our experts will give you a list of recommended products based on your video discussion.

From there you are entitled to your customized Concierge Beauty Packages. The packages vary in size, depending on the number on products you want to try. These custom samples come at a discounted rate because we are passionate about helping you find products that you love.

Visit our Organic Beauty Concierge scheduling page today and schedule your own private beauty consultation!

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