Exuberant Beauty

Exuberant Beauty

Do you consider yourself an adventurous optimist with a bounce in your step?  Are you an extrovert that that is open and friendly with dramatic gestures full of energy and charm? Do you embrace change? Would you consider yourself to be confident and immune to criticism? Does your life feel like one great carefree adventure filled with spontaneity and a love for the outdoors? If so, then you could be an Exuberant Beauty.  

Exuberant beauties are generous by nature and would walk an extra mile or two for loved ones. Often, they are the first to give advice, try to fix other’s problems, and at times are helpful to a fault. They are full of curiosity and are seekers of truth because honesty in all aspects is very important to them. Because of this they are attracted to philosophy and spirituality. Exuberant beauties love to roam and are quick to join in on a journey to far off places. Long distance travel to foreign lands and adventures call to them, perhaps because they treasure their freedom and cannot stand to be constrained. They are optimistic, always preferring to look on the bright side of things and will not be swayed by the hardships of life. Because they are energy personified, they will throw themselves into achieving their goals with great gusto and little time for the details.  

Some of the physical attributes of exuberant beauty are beautiful clear, sparkling eyes and a broad forehead. They have full open features and are often found smiling with a cheerful expression. They have a sporty vibe and their thick hair is best in a bouncy ponytail.  Attire is usually casual, unless it’s a night out on the town and then there will be sparkles in abundance. Their makeup preferences can be a fresh natural look, or a strong lip with bright open eyes.  They are drawn to jewel tones with royal purples, rich reds and blues. You will often find them wearing a bright red glossy lip and a smoky eye. Even on a casual day, exuberant beauties are drawn to all things sparkly and this will often be reflected in their makeup with glitter or gloss.


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