7 Easy Steps For Converting To Organic Beauty

7 Easy Steps For Converting To Organic Beauty

Did you know that your makeup and skincare products could be filled with toxic ingredients?

There are many dangerous chemical ingredients that can have long term damage to your skin and overall health, and your favorite beauty products could be filled with them.

Most people assume that cosmetics are tested for safety before being sold to the public. Sadly, the cosmetic industry is one of the least regulated industries in the U.S., so it is up to us to find the safest products. Most of us have heard that we should be using organic and all-natural products and it can be hard to get rid of our favorite beauty products. We are creatures of habit and we all have our favorite cosmetics line and are go-to colors so it may take some effort to make the transition, but it is definitely worth your time for your overall health and well-being.

Here are some easy steps to help you make the transition:

  1. Go through your makeup and throw away any products that you don’t use or love. Be honest with yourself, this is not the time to hoard. Remember to recycle any old containers.

  2. Evaluate the remaining products. Read the labels. This is where educating yourself about ingredients is critical. However, don’t be overwhelmed. There are resources to help you. The site Skin Deep rates many traditional and organic makeup lines to help you find the safest products on the market. They also tell you which ingredients to watch out for and which ones are safer. Other resources include the Good Guide and Think Dirty Apps.

  3. Also consider the company you buy from. Are they cruelty-free and use responsibly sourced products? Using a third-party source for information can give you confidence in the company you choose.

  4. As you begin to transition, start with the products that come in contact with your skin first. This would be your cleansers, moisturizers, primers and foundations. Using a healthy base will create a safe barrier between your skin and more harmful products while you are transitioning.

  5. Buying a whole new skin care and makeup line for yourself can seem costly. Consider buying fewer products at first. For example, use a foundation that has a good spf rating so it can double as a sunscreen, or buy a neutral lip color that you can pair with any beauty look.

  6. Instead of buying everything at once, start by replacing your traditional beauty products with organic beauty products when they run out. 

  7. When finding new natural and organic products, buy samples first to make sure you are getting the right shades for your coloring and the types of products that will work best for your skin.

By following these simple steps, you will find that the transition to organic makeup is not as overwhelming as you might have thought.

      If, after trying these steps, you are still needing help Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques has a new program that could prove very helpful in finding colors and products for your unique skin. The Organic Beauty Concierge program is a personal video consultation with professional makeup artists and master estheticians to help you select the best colors, skin care products for your skin type and create a priority list of products to help you convert to a truly natural, organic beauty routine.


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