Luminescent Beauty

Luminescent Beauty

Would you consider yourself a gentle creature? Do you often find that strangers approach you because you are unassuming and have a familiar, approachable way about you?  Are you ever shy in new situations and get flustered easily in public? If so, then you could be a luminescent beauty.

Luminescent beauties have a strong need for emotional security and prefer relationships with well defined rules. They appear gentle and soft, and act rather reserved with others until they know them well and feel it is safe to be open with them. They crave a sense of belonging and feel deeply attached to the past, especially to their heritage, family and friends and they often hold onto people, memories and possessions with sentimental significance.

When you walk into a room are you sensitive to the emotional atmosphere, the subtle undercurrents of feelings in and around you? Are you more instinctual than rational and do you find yourself saying that something either feels right or it doesn’t?  Do you find yourself swayed by your emotions and personal loyalties and view life from a very personal perspective? These are all attributes common to a luminescent beauty. Regarding those who are close to you, do you feel extremely loyal and protective?  Often Luminescent Beauties are described as nurturing and motherly because of their protective nature. Others will seek them out for their empathy, compassion, reassurance and help. It is not uncommon for a Luminescent beauty to tear up easily with both happy and sad news.  

Physical attributes of a Luminescent beauties include a round face. Even when slim, they frequently have rounded features that soften their appearance and have apple cheeks. Rounded eyes tend to give a dreamy appearance and high cheekbones and prominent brow compliment this look. Their facial features are extremely expressive, and they tend to have long limbs compared to the torso. The hair is often dark and fine and the complexion fair. Gray eye shadows and especially warm mushroom shades, creams and subtle shimmers are a trademark of the Luminescent beauty style.

If you feel like this is a description that you can relate to and often found yourself nodding and answering affirmatively then this is most likely a beauty style that will bring out the best in you.  It is traditional, gentle and lovely.

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