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Our Luminescent Beauty Collection is for those who carry a reserved and sentimental energy. This look captures the essence of a soft and gentle look. This beauty style may have luminous pale skin, much like the moon, and deep watery eyes that brim with emotion.

This soft style is subtle, reserved and understated and works best in a traditional look. The characteristics of this style are of a very nurturing, motherly nature which is very empathetic, compassionate, protective and supportive. This style embodies a sensitive disposition which is tenaciously loyal to those near and dear. Luminous beauties naturally draw others in need of comfort or reassurance to them because of their sympathetic nature and ability to intuitively sense the feelings and needs of others around them. Safety, stability, home, cherished friends and family life are very important.

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Luminescent Beauty is characterized by a beautifully soft and subtle look. The skin has a radiant glow that gives the appearance of a day spent at the spa. The colors are subtle and muted and meant to enhance features without standing out. Gray tones and warm mushroom shades work well on the eyes with this look, topped with subtle shimmer eyeshadows to give a gentle shine to the lids. Highlighters are also helpful to add a fresh glow to the skin. Whether you have cool or warm skin tones the look is natural and fresh.

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