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Our Exuberant Beauty Collection carries a cheerful, aventurous spirit. This style is an optimistic, extroverted energy that is open and friendly to all. This beauty style captures the essence of a spontaneous, carefree look.

This ambitious style is full of energy and could be described as 'larger-than-life'. This style loves learning and is always curious and questioning things. The characteristics of this style are outgoing, jovial, compassionate, intelligent and honest. This look can embody clear, sparkling eyes full of energy and life and are often found smiling, laughing or with a cheerful expression.

The beauty inspiration

The look

Exuberant Beauty is characterized by a fun, expressive look. The colors can go from wearing a natural sporty and fresh daytime look to a dramatic smokey-eye effect topped with sparkles, shimmer and a beautiful bright red lip. Royal purples, rich reds and blues and sparkles express this style well. Eyes can be accentuated in a smokey charcoal or purple eye and the look beautifully finished in a bright red or plum.

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This style embodies an agile, fluid and dreamy disposition which is very friendly and selfless.


Articulate, clever, often funny and witty, you are always a refreshing and interesting conversationalist.


This style may have luminous pale skin, much like the moon, & deep watery eyes that brim with emotion.