Pamper Your Lips

Pamper Your Lips


It’s that time of year again. Winter is coming and with it many of us will have sore, dry, chapped lips. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques has the solution for us all.

Vanilla Mint Lip Moisturizer is full of plant based oils, like coconut, peppermint, jojoba, olive and vitamin E oils that provide a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals that our skin needs for optimal health, skin cell regeneration and elasticity. Jojoba oil alone is known for its skin hydrating properties. No synthetic oils are used in our lip moisturizer. The sweet combination of all-natural stevia, vanilla and peppermint leave our lips feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Many synthetic oils that are commonly used in skin care products such as mineral oils and petroleum derived oils dry out the skin and cause it to age and develop wrinkles faster. Dimethicone is another prevalent synthetic oil. It is made from two different types of silicone polymers and is often used in hair and skin products because it adds a gliding smooth feeling and forms a lasting barrier on the skin that fills in fine lines and wrinkles. On the surface it looks and feels like a great product but unfortunately, Dimethicone does not allow oxygen to pass through and prohibits the skin from eliminating toxins. It has been shown by the European Union that the endocrine and nervous system as well as the reproductive and immune systems are adversely affected by dimethicones and Canada has proposed adding them to the “List of Toxic Substances”.

This winter let’s pledge to keep our lips hydrated and safe from harsh toxic chemicals by choosing Vanilla Mint Lip Moisturizer. Our Lip Moisturizer is hands down the best way to pamper our lips and protect our smile. But don’t just take our word for it. Here is what Barbara and Jamie had to say about our Lip Moisturizer. Barbara says, “I have had very dry lips and the previous drugstore products never seemed to get rid of them. I have only used this for one day and already I have seen my flaky lips disappear. This moisturizer is a miracle worker!” And Jamie said, "This is amazing! The best lip moisturizer I’ve ever tried! It works."

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