Start Fresh: How To Go Green This January (And All Year)

Start Fresh: How To Go Green This January (And All Year)

Is your New Year's resolution to go green and live a more natural and non-toxic lifestyle this year? Then you're in luck! This blog post will give you some helpful tips to get started on this exciting journey.

Be Progressive

The thought of throwing everything out at once and buying all new products is not only overwhelming, it's expensive and ultimately not very eco-friendly! So accept that this will be a slow process over time, and that's okay.

Instead of taking that drastic approach, just replace your mainstream products with organic, non-toxic ones as they run out. This will be much more manageable mentally and on your wallet.

How Clean Are Your Cleaning Products?

A good place to start is your cleaning products. These often are filled with synthetic fragrances which are not healthy to inhale, as well as other chemicals that are overly harsh on your skin. 

Check your local health food store for cleaning products which are gentler and don't contain unnecessary toxins. Extra points if you can buy in bulk and reuse containers, thereby minimizing plastic.

You can also go DIY and look for recipes on sites like Pinterest. You would be surprised how effective something as simple as white vinegar can be for certain cleaning solutions!

Keep Your Home's Air Safe

While things like scented candles, air fresheners and potpourri may seem like a good way to keep your home smelling nice, be cautious.

Most mainstream candle wax is made from paraffin, which is derived from petroleum. They also contain synthetic fragrances and pthalates which affect our hormones and are not wise to inhale over long periods of time.

Opt for candles made from beeswax, soy wax or other natural sources. Avoid synthetic fragrances and choose either unscented or those scented with essential oils.

Avoid air fresheners; instead choose natural ways to scent your home, like essential oil diffusers or even boiling some cinnamon sticks, orange peels or other naturally scented ingredients to allow those yummy fragrances to waft through your home. Or buy flowers! What could be more natural than that?

Make sure to keep your home well-ventilated; if you have an air exchange, use it regularly and periodically open windows to help air circulate. Even if it's cold out, opening windows for a short period makes a difference.

Keep plants to help naturally detoxify the air in your home. Talking to plants keeps them (and you) company. :)

Clean And Green Beauty (You'll Look Gorgeous)

A good place to start when it comes to green beauty is with products which sit on larger areas of your skin and absorb throughout the day, such as body lotion, sunscreens, and foundation makeup.

A fun step in your going green journey is to switch to natural lipstick. Natural lipstick is so much more moisturizing, it doesn't smell like weird plastic and the colors can actually be quite vibrant and fun! Check out our Lip Colours to see what I mean.

Considering we ingest small amounts of lipstick every day, it is a good thing to switch over early on.

If you're unsure about a product or ingredient, check out these apps:

There are so many ways to detoxify your house and lifestyle and live more organically, these steps are only just the beginning! For more inspiration, check out these awesome Instagram influencers who can help you along your journey.

Have fun and take it step by step.


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