Celebrating Lauren

Celebrating Lauren

Today (December 26) is Lauren's birthday! Happy Birthday Lauren! We wanted to take a moment and show our appreciation with some quotes from our staff below.

Lauren started this company in 2005 after facing a battle with chronic health issues. During that time, she began exploring how what we put in our bodies, on our skin, even the thoughts in our mind can affect our health. She began making changes and her health slowly improved! This was an experience she was eager to share with other women.

Lauren studied esthetics and became especially interested in the topic of what ingredients are in mainstream cosmetics. She started learning about the healing properties of herbs and plants, and how to formulate products using all-natural and safe ingredients which not only help us look good, they also heal and nourish the skin.

Lauren is a walking example of how a natural and organic lifestyle can keep you looking young, vibrant and beautiful regardless of your age.

Read below to learn how our staff are inspired by Lauren.

“Lauren is truly kindhearted and such a strong and inspiring individual. I'm grateful for the sacrifices she has made creating her business so that others can get the products and care they deserve.”


“I love how genuine Lauren is in her efforts to build women up. Always as important to product performance, Lauren crafts every product it in a way that will nourish and improve their skin. She is driven by her desire to help every women accept themselves and embrace their innate beauty. Her efforts extend beyond products to helping women heal from emotional trauma through sharing her own story of healing from physical & emotional toxic elements through speaking engagements.”


”Lauren is a powerhouse!  Her commitment to clean ingredients and safe beauty products for women is inspiring!”


"Lauren is an inspiring woman who loves organic living, is confident in her own skin, and uses clean beauty to touch the lives of others. She believes in the power of natural ingredients and organic products to nourish and heal the body, mind and soul. She is passionate about helping others lead healthier, more conscious lives and is an advocate for sustainable living. Her dedication to clean beauty and organic living has inspired many to make positive changes in their own lives. She is a true example of someone who cares deeply about others and the environment! Happy Birthday Lauren!"


“I admire Lauren’s generosity, as well as her playfulness and positive energy. She is a driven businesswoman, but never loses sight of her bigger mission; to help women express themselves and feel more confident, even if they don’t fit the mainstream mold of what’s considered beautiful.”


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