Regal Beauty

Regal Beauty

Do you find that you like leading roles and to be in the spotlight? Or perhaps you have a flair for presentation and love grand gestures? Drama may come naturally to you and you may even feel like you are on stage or performing even when you are alone. By nature, do you have a regal manner that demands interest and attention from others? Would you consider yourself highly social or a people manager either by profession or character?

Regal beauties are excellent promoters because they like to make things happen, create a stir and have a special energy. Often, they do things in a unique and dramatic way leaving their own personal stamp on any endeavor they take. They tend to overestimate things due to their natural enthusiasm and optimism for any new tasks or experience. Regal beauties are natural leaders and others look to them for strength, encouragement and affirmation but at times they can be a little authoritarian.  

They are not timid or weak but rather strong and possess great courage. A Regal beauty can have a strong sense of dignity, self-respect and personal honor while still being a kid at heart, fun loving and warm. This is what draws others to them. With all the attention that Regal beauties draw, they always try to put their best foot forward but rarely allow others to see their true feelings and vulnerabilities. Even though they guard their feelings they still have a very strong need for love and appreciation.

Those who are close to regal beauties find they have a very loyal, generous and giving friend.  Regal beauties pay special attention to their personal appearance and often choose clothes and hairstyles that are youthful. Their physical appearance is marked by an overall impression of nobleness, class and pride. Mane-like hair and a strong complexion are often found among regal beauties. Eyes are often almond shaped and darker in color. Facial features in general are strong and usually they have a wide forehead. If you feel like any of these attributes describe you then this might be a beauty kit that works for you. It is filled with beautiful bold and bright colors that will complement your strong personality.

Golden Glamour


Fire & Light


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