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Our Regal Beauty Collection is for those with a strong, dramatic energy. This style embodies a passionate energy that loves the limelight and bubbles over with natural enthusiasm. This beauty style captures the essence of a royal & courageous look.

This noble yet fun loving style carries a bold and dignified energy that commands attention and turns heads. The characteristics of this style are loyal, creative, confident, generous, exciting and warm-hearted. The focal point for this style is deep almond-shaped eyes and thick beautiful mane-like hair. This style can take charge of situations and groups easily, has a great capacity for making things happen and loves to be the center of attention.

The beauty inspiration

The look

Regal Beauty is characterized by a bold, royal look. The colors are bold, shimmering and bright. Honey hued golds, coppers, bronze and warm-toned orange shades work well. The skin has a warm sun-kissed glow added with a sweep of shimmering bronzer. With this style, gold can be added anytime, anywhere! Eyes are gorgeous in a cat-flick eyeliner and can be worn from a subtle line to a bold, dark and glamorous eyeliner look. Lips look beautiful both in a bright red (glossy or matte), or can be more understated with lighter golden nudes.

How to get the look

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