Pristine Beauty

Pristine Beauty

Are you someone who seeks for the goodness in humankind?  Would you consider yourself gentle and kind by nature? Do you often find yourself blushing and feeling shy, especially when you have been singled out publicly? Is your life very organized and are you a bit of a perfectionist? If you can relate to these attributes, then you might be a Pristine Beauty.

Pristine Beauties are modest and very reluctant to show off in any way. Often, they will find flaws in their appearance that no one else can see and work very hard to hide them. At times this can lead to being overly critical of themselves. These individuals are very neutral in their appearance because they don't like to be noticed publicly, despite that fact that they have a beautiful, tasteful and elegant way about them.

They have a deep sense of humanity and, at the same time. are very discreet. It is because of this that you will rarely see a public display of charity, but rather they will quietly and anonymously serve others. It may be difficult to see the Pristine Beauty’s big heart and loving and caring nature because of their need for anonymity. Those closest to them are blessed by their loyalty and trustworthiness.

A sign that you are a Pristine Beauty is that you are extremely methodical, leaving nothing to chance, grounded, level headed and practical. No small detail goes unnoticed. Their lives are very efficient and rarely cluttered. They consider all options then carefully make decisions, never being impulsive. This leads to a responsible and very reliable nature. Pristine Beauties are very observant and intelligent and because of this, it is difficult to deceive them. Their analytical and meticulous nature leads them to be good advisers and excellent writers. In a crisis, these women are the ones you will naturally turn to. They are helpful and hardworking.

Physically speaking, Pristine Beauties look younger than their years. Their bright clear eyes and direct expression enhance this youthful appearance. Often, they have a slender build and outwardly seem fragile, but in reality possess great inner strength. They typically have average to tall height and a graceful movement about them. Common facial features with Pristine Beauties are delicate noses and curvy lips.

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