3 Secrets For A Gorgeous Colour Stick Look

3 Secrets For A Gorgeous Colour Stick Look

Creamy multi-sticks are the perfect product for a quick and easy look, and having our 3 application secrets to a smooth, seamless look is a must for gorgeous results!


1) Apply creams on creams.

For the easiest applications, using a creamy foundation and eye primer underneath your Colour Stick color. Applying creams over a cream helps the colors blend best. 

Also, adding the Colour Stick to your cheeks after foundation and before adding concealer can help in blending the edges into your whole look as well.


2) Stippling the product onto the skin can create a more natural look.

Stippling, or a gentle tapping of the product onto the skin with a blending sponge, will help add color in a softer, more subtle way. This is helpful for adding less color to the skin at one time and allows for more overall color control, as more layers can be added if more color is desired. 

For Cheeks: Come down from the outer part of your eyes to your cheekbone and stipple outwards and upwards towards the hairline and temples. 

For Eyes: Apply Colour Stick along eyelids and use fingertips or sponge to tap color onto and across lids.

For Lips: Add color to lips and finish with Lip Moisturizer or a gloss, if more moisture is desired.  


3) Blend well to avoid harsh color lines.

Using your foundation brush or sponge after applying the Colour Stick can help with blending the color as well. The brush or sponge will still have a small amount of foundation on it, and using it afterwards - along the edges of the color - can help soften and blend the color in for a better overall look.

For Eyes: Use a lighter pressed or powder eye shadow on the inner corners of the eyes and below the brows to blend the edges of the Color Stick color, and give more dimension to the eyes.

For longer-lasting color, use a setting powder or spray to finish the look.

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