Luxurious Beauty Style

Luxurious Beauty Style

Are you often seen as a rock of strength, solid, reliable, dependable and constant? Do you love the good things in life? Is loyalty an essential trait in those who are close to you?  Would you consider yourself a practical person who knows how to enjoy yourself? Is quality important to you? If you relate to these attributes, and feel like they describe you, then you might be a Luxurious Beauty.

Our Luxurious style loves all the finer things in life and has a great eye for beauty. With this ability, these beauties also have a natural affinity and pronounced sense of asthetics. They love to use this natural ability combined with their practical know-how to bring beautiful things into form. 

They are very practical, reliable and constant and can be characterized as warm, kind and generous - seeking to share those good things in life they have found with others. Because of this, they appeal to others in an earthy wholesome way. These women are great lovers of classical beauty. This is not in a prideful, ostentatious or bragging manner but in a true desire to find all the best things in life. They prefer quality clothes, but comfort is still a must. This leads to women who are great collectors, finding valuable antiques and even gems at a thrift store. They know quality and value when they see it.

In their relationships, Luxurious Beauties are extremely loyal to those they care about. They prefer a small, unchanging set of people that they can keep close. These are warm-hearted and caring people who would go the extra mile to please loved ones or for a cause they believe in. One on one stable relationships are always preferred. 

Intensity and loyalty are highly valued by Luxurious Beauties. They bring a sense of calm and soothing inner harmony to any relationship. This makes them very comfortable people to be around. Often, they appear calm, unruffled or even unemotional but underneath they possess great strength that is apparent to all who are close to them.  

Luxurious Beauties are steady, reliable and consistent. Their persistence will allow them to always see things through to completion. They fairly radiate stability. These women are often entrepreneurial and tenacious, at times even workaholics.  A sign that you are a Luxurious Beauty would be a resistance to change. This can seem like strong-willed stubbornness, but this trait can definitely be good source of stability in a constantly changing and chaotic world. It is this ability to out last anyone else that makes them highly successful in life. Their determination and singlemindedness promote a life of routine and keeps them from being pushed or rushed by others.  

Luxurious Beauties tend to be very feminine in their appearance.  They have an overall gentle, soft presence that is very appealing to others. Often, they possess full sensual lips with a perfect rosebud pout. This style tends to have shiny full hair in darker tones that is frequently wavy or curly. Their dark eyes have a serene steady gaze and their nose is round shaped or slightly turned up. The overall shape of their face is usually square or round with a prominent neck.

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