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Create 3 Gorgeous Looks with our Boujee Blushing Duos

You may think that blush is blush, especially when using organic products. 

But with our new Boujee Blushing Duos, we will show you three different blush application methods you can use, and the secrets to creating them quickly and easily: 

  1. Natural Blushing Glow - To achieve this simple look, lightly swirl your blush brush into both shades and brush them into the apple of your cheeks. One tip to applying: make sure to not smile when applying because as soon as you stop smiling, the color you added will drop down too low on your face. Instead, find the center of your cheekbones and apply there. Sucking in your cheeks will make it easier to find them.
  2. Swirled Draping - This blush technique is created by swirling your blush brush into both blush colors a sweeping the brush from the middle of the upper cheekbones outward to the hairline and wrapping it upward around the brow are in an arc shape. With this look, you can also add the blended color to your eyes as well. 
  3. Sculpted Draping - This can be used to give you a chiseled look without having to contour. Create this look by using the darker duo shade first, underneath your cheekbones, like a contour. Sweeping it from the center of your cheeks outward and upward to your hairline. The lighter shade is used just above, like a highlighter, along the tops of your cheekbones outward to the hairline and upwards onto the temples.

With each of these techniques, create a more natural look by using a large Kabouki brush after applying. Always buff outwards and upwards in circular motions to blend the colors and create a more lifted effect.

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