Helsinki Fashion Week 2018

Helsinki Fashion Week 2018

“I have been so proud to wear you all these years!! Clear back when you were just making small batches-- oh those were the days. Now the world will learn about how amazing your products are. Just be sure there is enough to go around.” --Tracy

We are proud of the products we make and so pleased to share them with the world. It is our pleasure to announce that our Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques make up line was chosen by the Nordic Fashion Group as the official makeup for Helsinki Fashion Week 2018. Helsinki Fashion Week will showcase 30 sustainable fashion brands in eco-friendly venues that are built with recyclable and reusable natural materials.

It is their goal to inspire us to re-evaluate the way we consume, adapt and coexist with our surroundings. “Everything will be sustainable, with a “zero waste” approach, cutting-edge green technologies and using renewable energy… It is time that we start a new chapter, not only for the benefit of the environment, but also for our individual well-being and identity.” We need to start asking ourselves, are our products responsibly sourced, are they sustainable, and are they chemically clean?

These are ideas and concerns that Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques has considered since the beginning of our company. Helsinki Fashion Week has chosen to focus on our responsibility to use sustainable, eco-friendly products and Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques’ philosophy is the same. Every ingredient we use has been researched and vetted for purity, non-toxicity, responsible sourcing and highest organic quality.

We are excited to show the world that beauty and fashion can also be healthy and responsible! Color palettes will be selected for each model from our existing products and pure color pigments, as well as some new products that may become available through limited edition collections.

We are so excited to share our products with the world!

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