Green Friday Preview: Order Samples of These 10 Popular Products Now!

Green Friday Preview: Order Samples of These 10 Popular Products Now!

Um, how is it November already? It seems like summer was just last week! Well, November has some good things to look forward to, like Thanksgiving and of course our annual Green Friday sale!

If you want to take full advantage of our most popular sale of the year, now is the time to order samples and decide what you're going to get on the big day.

Here are some of our bestsellers; if you haven't tried these products, what are you waiting for? There are links to samples at the bottom of each product page.


Of course, you knew I was going to mention our popular Creme Foundation! This medium coverage foundation nourishes your skin while giving you a gorgeous glow. Convinced yet? It's also an all-natural mineral sunscreen, with an SPF 28. Not sure about color-matching? Message us or check out this detailed blog post.

Organic Creme Foundation

Our other beloved foundation is the Illuminous Tinted Mineral Sunscreen. This has a lighter coverage than the Creme Foundation, and also boasts an SPF of 28.

Organic Tinted Sunscreen

Got some dark circles, blemishes or discoloration to cover up? Our Creme Concealer is high up on the list of our popular products.

Organic Creme Concealer


Our most crowd-pleasing blush is our cream blush, the Botanical Colour Stick. This all-natural formula will give you that glow from within look, all year round.

Organic Botanical Colour Stick


Our Lip Colours are an organic version of your classic lipstick, but with natural mineral shades and nourishing oils and butters.

Organic Lip Colours Lipstick

The ColourFusion Lip Glazes are between a gloss and a lipstick, they have a gel-like quality and moderate pigment. I love these! You can really play with them and wear them more pigmented, or blot for a subtler effect.

Organic ColourFusion Lip Glazes


Try our Creme Eyeshadows for an easy wash of color when you're on the go.

Organic Creme Eyeshadows

If you prefer powder shadows, our Pressed Eyeshadow singles are our most popular choice.


You haven't tried our Organic Facial Serum yet? This is our skincare bestseller for a reason! Now is the perfect to try out this oil-based moisturizer, or stock up on Green Friday, if your bottle is running low.

Organic Facial Serum

As we age, the delicate skin around our eyes can start to develop fine lines. Our customers love our Eye Firming Creme for a natural way to firm up the eye area. It can also be used elsewhere! Smile lines, forehead, it works wherever you need a plumping effect.

Organic Eye Firming Creme

If you want to take full advantage of our Green Friday sale at the end of November, make sure to order samples now!

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