Love From Within Galentine's Webinar: Acne, Aging, & Confidence

Our webinar host, Live Learn Love Yourself Podcaster Lynzi Clyde, brings raw energy and passion to our Galentines event as she explores how to move beyond self doubt with Lauren, CEO of Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques and Master Aesthetician Tiffini Wines.

You’ll learn:

  • How to live life with confidence even when you experience conditions from acne to aging.
  • How to rethink your value and fully embrace the beautifully unique woman you are!
  • Gain insights that our guests have gleaned from facing judgement to move beyond self doubt.

Galentines Giveaways

15% OFF

15% off any Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques product

All Gals will get a Galentines Rewards code at the end of the webinar for 15% off Lauren Brooke products.

$50 GIFT

(2) $50 Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques gift cards + (2) $50 Self-Love Coaching Sessions

Attend the Galentines webinar for a chance to win one of FOUR $50 gift cards. (2) $50 Lauren Brooke gift cards and (2) $50 Self-Love coaching sessions from Lynzi Clyde.

Galentines Guests


CEO, Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques

“I have faced many years of waking up at night in a panic, having a hard time just breathing. I would always go back to my heart that told me it would all work out and I just followed that conviction through the continual fears.

Lauren struggled physically for a decade from what she eventually learned were the effects of toxins found in personal care products and the food she ate. She also overcame years of intense fears and doubt. She founded Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques to help women to live healthy, strong, confident lives through natural cosmetics while inspiring others through speaking engagements.


Master Aesthetician, Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques

“Diagnosed with autoimmune disorders at age eight, I have always been sensitive to ingredients. I have learned how to heal my body with quality ingredients both internally and externally and am excited to share my knowledge of natural skin care and cosmetics.

Tiffini Wines of Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques is a Master Esthetician, herbalist and reiki practitioner. Trained as a commercial makeup artist in New York, Tiffini was chosen as a consultant for the 2018 Helsinki Fashion Week and her work has been featured in Vogue magazine.


Podcast Host, Learn Live Love Yourself

"Women need to know who they are before they start loving themselves. 'What do I like? What makes me afraid? Who do I want to be at the end of this life?' These are all questions we all need to answer for ourselves. Then we can get into the fun stuff."

Lynzi Clyde is the host of Learn Live Love Yourself, a podcast for women who are passionate about progress. Every episode tackles the biggest self-love issues, and offers motivating and unconventional ways to "Learn who you are, live true to who you want to be, and love yourself better, every day." Lynzi is a stay at home mom of 3, and thinks that a Costco Very Berry Sundaes the answer to most of life's problems.