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Choosing the right shade for your skin:

  • For Yellow/Olive skin tones, choose from our Warm Shades.

  • For Pink/Red skin tones, use our Cool Shades.

  • Neutral Shades work well to tone down extra red, sensitive or ruddy skin tones & for many Caucasian skin types.

  • For foundation that goes chalky or gray, try using a shade or two darker in order to get the right tone

  • If the foundation color goes too pink, use a warmer tone (If it is a cool, use either a neutral or warm). If it goes to yellow/orange, use a cooler foundation tone (If it is a warm, use either a neutral or cool).

Choosing your foundation look:

For a more thin application

  1. Tap dots of Foundation around face. Allow skin to slightly warm the Creme before blending, 
  2. Use a dampened Pure Complexion Blending Sponge, &/or
  3. Apply Organic Facial Serum to face and allow to absorb for a minute and then apply Creme Foundation

For more coverage

  1. Apply with a Foundation Brush or dry Pure Complexion Blending Sponge,
  2. Use Creme Concealer underneath your foundation, &/or
  3. Apply Powder Foundation or Silk Veil over after applying the Creme Foundation.

For a matte look &/or to set our makeup, brush Finishing Powder over face after applying Creme Foundation.


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