The Beauty Within

The Beauty Within

We will be starting a new blog series that explores the many different aspects of our internal beauty.

There are so many things that affect our inner beauty and, consequently, affect our outer beauty. In this series, we will talk about techniques for reducing stress, dealing with our emotions, owning our feelings, mindfulness, self-care, tips for finding happiness and so much more.

We often wear our emotions on our sleeve, or rather on our complexion, our skin tone and in our smile or frown lines. The things that are happening mentally and emotionally reflect on us physically and the opposite is true as well. When we are unhealthy it affects our mental and emotional health.

At Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques we really care about you. We want all women to be their best self, whole and at peace with who they are. We are here to experience joy, happiness and peace. Often these feelings can be elusive, but we know that they are attainable. We need to stop judging and comparing ourselves to each other and learn to love ourselves as we are. And in turn, love those around us.

Are you willing to look inside yourself and be honest with the person who is there? Are you willing to learn to love her again and regain your peace, to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way? Sarah Sapora writes, “Stop. Look around. Are you capable of really seeing yourself? Not the noise. Not the fear. But you. As you are. It is time.”

We would add our voice, it is time to love ourselves, to allow & accept ourselves with all our flaws, mistakes, past experience and weaknesses as well as our strengths, dreams, goals and perfect parts. It is time to heal old wounds and let go of all judgments. And it is time to just be you.

Take this journey with us to find a healthier way to live and discover the truly beautiful being you are.

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