Helsinki Fashion Week – Behind the Scenes

Helsinki Fashion Week – Behind the Scenes

There are so many different components to putting a fashion week together, and for us at Lauren Brooke the makeup is the icing on the cake, the final piece in bringing the designers look to life. The makeup artists are creating art on a living canvas, and their work completes the tone and mood that the designers envision. 

Come with us as we take a peek into how the makeup portion of the Helsinki Fashion Week all comes together.

Helsinki Fashion Week 2018 is focused on the ideas of sustainability, eco-friendly and responsibly sourced productsn as well as raising awareness for each individual’s part in protecting themselves and the world around them. Because of this overall theme and our common beliefs and commitment to organic products, Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques was selected to be the official makeup for Helsinki Fashion Week.  

Now the hard work starts. Each designer submits color swatches, pictures of chosen models, concept sketches and a brief description for their desired makeup looks, colors and design. With over two hundred models looks and over thirty designers this is a lot of information to process.

Lauren, of Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques and our makeup artist Tiffini considered each designers colors, tones and overall desired looks and, working with HFW head makeup artist, decided on all the different products that would be needed to recreate each look.

While it seems that much of the focus this year at Helsinki Fashion Week will be on dramatic eye makeup with natural matte faces we had to consider everything that the models will wear.  That includes the primers, the foundations, type of foundation each look will need, contours, bronzers, cheek colors, lip colors, glazes, glosses and finishing powders, plus the appropriate colors for the models.

We considered our existing line of makeup and which products would work for each look. Some designers wanted bright neon colors and others wanted to create a metallic look. We had to go back to the basic ingredients and find micas and color pigments that would fit the designers’ needs. New ingredients were ordered from trusted sources and then the testing began since each pigment reacts differently to the base it is added to.

Lauren worked with the head of HFW's makeup artists to create each color individually and to find the best base-to-pigment ratio, as well as providing the most effective and user-friendly product. After much work and collaboration, our crème base was chosen as the best pigment medium for most of the custom tones and colors selected to be included for the designs and models. 

We are excited to see many of the trends for Helsinki Fashion Week 2018 are fresh, clean looks. Many models will have an overall soft matte natural look created with contours and highlighters and various unique colors and effects for the eye and lip designs. We have worked to create bright neon pops of color and dramatic, wet metallics. Lips may cover the spectrum from deep reds to robin’s egg blue, and soft mattes to thick glosses. 

We are just amazed at the beautiful colors that that will be featured and we are so excited to be an important part in spreading awareness of eco-friendly products at Helsinki Fashion Week and many of these new shades will be available for a limited time, so watch for our HFW Collection in the near future.

Photo Credit: Helsinki Fashion Week.

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