Can You Manifest Confidence and Self-Love?

Can You Manifest Confidence and Self-Love?

With Halloween around the corner, it's time to get a little spooky! You may not be a wizard, but did you know you can cast spells... on your own mind?

We walk around all day with narratives in our head. These are unconscious reflexes we rarely even question. 

"I'm getting too old, I always mess things up, I'll never find love, my body is ugly", etc, etc, etc. Does any of this sound familiar?

What if the secret to confidence and self-love isn't about losing ten pounds or getting botox? What if it's all 'in your head'?

Some of the most beautiful models in the world feel insecure and over-analyze every tiny 'flaw' on their body, while other women, who may not fit into the mainstream beauty ideal, radiate confidence and people are immediately attracted to their positive energy.

Now the concept of 'pretty privilege' definitely exists. Traditionally beautiful, young and thin women do have some advantages. But not as many as you'd think.

So how do we harness this self-confidence, where we walk in a room and command attention, where we have men approaching us at the grocery store, where we boldly go into our boss's office to ask for that overdue raise? I'll tell you.

We use affirmations to manifest a new self-concept. You can put post-it notes on your bathroom mirror and repeat them every day. You can incorporate these mantras into your meditation or yoga routine. Write them in a journal every night. However you want to explore affirmations is up to you. But it has to be something you expose yourself to every day.

But what if you don't believe what you're saying, like at all? That's okay! Even if this feels like complete hoo-ha, say it anyway. You'll be amazed how after only one week, your brain will start to adjust to this new reality. After a couple weeks, you'll already start to see changes reflected in your life.

You can begin creating an alter-ego in your mind; someone who has the qualities and lifestyle you want to possess. You can even give her a name! How does she move through life, how does she approach challenges? When faced with a decision or stressful conflict, channel this alter-ego to help you approach it in a new and more productive way.

So, what are some affirmations you can use to manifest more confidence and self-love? You can choose whatever resonates with you. But you want to talk as if the affirmation is already happening. So, it's 'I am beautiful', not 'I will be beautiful'. Here are some examples given by the top manifesting queens on TikTok.

  • I don't chase, I attract. What belongs to me will simply find me. (@fitsara)
  • I am irresistible. I am intoxicating. I am magnetic and attract love easily. (@hothighpriestess)
  • My energy flows with positivity and beauty. (@athenascrystals)
  • I am worthy of all that is good in this universe. (@athenascrystals)

The concept of manifesting is not new, however it's become a trend on social media platforms like TikTok where gen Z kids are creating more self-confidence and success in their lives. Why not get in on the fun? Try a few of these every day and see what changes. I dare you.

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