Brush and Application Tools Explained

Brush and Application Tools Explained

Have you ever found yourself confused by the many options and wondering which brushes are best for your preferred foundations, concealers and finishing powders?

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques offers a wide variety of foundation brushes and application tools to help you create beautiful looks and, with these, we have put together the best uses for each.

The Large Bamboo , Deluxe Kabouki and Large Powder Brush are best for powder-based products. These products would include powder foundations, pressed foundations and finishing powders. These three brushes are designed to hold powders and apply them in a light but even coat to the face, which makes it possible to control the amount of product that is applied.  For the finishing powders where a thin layer is ideal, one application with these brushes is perfect.  With the powder and pressed foundations, the powder brushes allow for repeated layers to give the desired amount of coverage. 

The Foundation Brush is the best tool for the creme foundations and creame and corrective concealers. This brush has a flat rounded shape and firm bristles which allow for precise application of crème products and holds up to a heavier product.  The size of the brush gives increased control of the amount of product applied to the face.

Our next brush is the Oval Eye/Concealer Brush. This brush works similarly to the foundation brush with the only difference being the size.  It is recommended for the crème concealer and the corrective concealer. The smaller size of the brush allows for even greater control of the amount of product used and is ideal for covering smaller or more difficult parts of the face, such as the nose and eye areas, as well as spot treatments. 

The last application tool for the foundations is a sponge, rather than a brush. The Pure Complexion Blending Sponge is perfect for our Crème Foundation, Crème Concealers and Corrective Concealers. The sponge can be used dry to apply a thicker foundation layer, or damp for a thinner, lighter coverage.

There are a couple of options for applying foundation with the sponge. First, foundation can be added by stippling or smoothing product directly over the face with the sponge. Another options is, once the products are applied with the proper brush, the sponge can be used to finish blending the product over the face. Its unique shape allows for flat surface blending as well as blending in the creases of the face and is firm enough to move the makeup, while still being gentle to your skin. For those of us with limited experience applying makeup this sponge is an easy tool to use and gives a beautiful blended finish every time.

Having quality brushes and tools for your foundation and concealer application is important. By using the appropriate applicators, you can avoid embarrassing makeup lines and have a beautiful flawless finish every time. We have chosen our applicator tools carefully to ensure the highest quality while being eco and vegan friendly.

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