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4 Easy Rules For Natural Bronzing

With summer over and the winter months upon us, you may be anxious to continue having that fresh sun-kissed look. As always, we definitely do not want to achieve this by giving our skin permanent sun damage and premature wrinkles. SPF is a must, therefore we need to look to another source to give us a fresh sunbathed complexion.

Look no further, the answer is simple: Bronzers.  

Bronzers are used to add warmth to the face while not adding excessive color. It creates a healthier, more radiant looking skin tone. Using a bronzer is simple, as long as you follow a few easy rules.

1) The first thing to remember is that you want to add bronzer to the areas of the face that the sun would normally tan. Mainly your temples, forehead, top of cheeks and nose.

2) When applying, a large fluffy brush will do the trick.  

3) Bronzer will go along way so always remember to tap off all excess product before applying. Only the smallest amount is needed, and you can always build layers for a darker tone. It is difficult to remove too much product, so use it sparingly.

4) Remember blending is key because we want a natural glow not streaks of terra cotta. If you are using a liquid or crème foundation, a setting powder is essential to be able to blend without streaking. To make sure that your bronzer is blended perfectly, and you have achieved a natural look, you need to apply it in the brightest light available to apply your bronzer. Bronzer is applied after primer, foundation, concealer and setting powder.

For application techniques there are three main options that keep it simple and easy to apply:

The first option is mainly for mid and darker skin tones. You simply apply bronzer to your full face and neck area taking care to blend to your natural body skin color not just your face. Once your have a light all over layer, go to your temples and the bridge of your nose to add a slightly darker tone.

The next application is best with a more matte bronzer. It is applied in the shape of the number three. Simply start at the hairline above the temple and arc down the temple to the top of the cheek bone. That creates the top of the three. Cover the top of the cheek bone to the apple of your cheek then return to the edge of your face and circle down to your lower jawline.  Repeat this number three motion until the desired amount of product is applied. After the bronzer has been applied, clean off your brush and then using a totally clean brush blend the bronzer to create a totally natural look.

The last application technique is great for pale complexions but can be used by all. Starting at your hairline, arc across your forehead with bronzer. Then with a clean brush gently blend the bronzer down the forehead to create depth and shadow at the hairline. Then a soft light shimmer bronzer to the top of the cheek and bridge of the nose to complete the look.

You don't have to be intimidated by bronzers. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques has created two new pressed bronzers to help you create a beautiful radiant glow. The D'or Bronzer has a beautiful soft gold undertone and is perfect for warm to neutral skin tones. The Soleil Bronzer has the perfect natural undertone to blend beautifully on neutral to cool skin tones.

Just remember: less is more and blend, blend, blend to quickly create a beautiful sun-kissed look.