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🌟 Malibu Magic Limited Edition: Timeless Glamour & Organic Beauty 💄

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🌟 Malibu Magic Limited Edition: Embrace Glamour of Iconic Elegance 🌟

Unleash your natural glow, add soft, natural color and a pop of pink perfect for the Summer!

Each Malibu Magic Kit comes with highlighter, colour stick and three eye shadows:
  • Ocean Glimmer (highlighter)
  • Palm Pink (blush + lipstick)
  • Pink Sand Shimmer (eye shadow)
  • Beach Bronze (eye shadow)
  • Surfside Sparkle (eye shadow)
All this made with 100% certified organic ingredients.

Our creamy botanical stick gives soft, natural color and a hint of a highlight for a beautiful blush, lipstick, and eye shadow in one easy-to-carry cream stick.

The powder eye shadows are All-natural and preservative-free ideal for even the most sensitive eyes. Limited stock! 💄

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