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Powder Eye Trio Sets

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Eye color blends made quick & easy! Sets Include:

Diamonds Trio: Smokey Quartz [matte], Mystic Amethyst [mystic], Diamonds [sparkle]
Cappuccino Trio: Cinnamon [demi-matte], Cappuccino [shimmer], Egyptian Bronze [demi-matte]
Cinnamon Trio: Cinnamon [demi-matte], Parisian Rose [sparkle], Sunglow [base]
Toffee Trio: Toffee [demi-matte], Sandalwood [demi-matte], Sunglow [base]
Autumn Trio: Toffee [demi-matte] , Egyptian Bronze [demi-matte], Vanilla Creme [base]
Taupe Trio: Taupe [matte], Tahiti [matte], Vanilla Creme [base]
Smokey Eye Trio: Smokey Quartz [matte], Twilight [matte], Diamonds [sparkle]
Wine Trio: Wine [demi-matte], Lilac [matte], Sunglow [base]

Powder Eye Colours

1 gm

Powder Eye Colours are all-natural, preservative-free, ideal for sensitive eyes, and available in Base, Matte, Shimmer, Sparkle & Mystics.