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Beauty Style Collections - Expressive

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A sparkling collection to express & celebrate your personality. This Expressive Style Set may be for you if you:

Have a quick mind & well-developed powers of observation. Are very friendly, playful and charming. Are excellent with communication. Are bubbly, affectionate, inquisitive, young and alive no matter what your age. Love variety, change & new experiences in life. Have a good sense of humor. Love sparkles.

Our Expressive Sparkling Breeze Collection includes: Summer Wind Pressed Eyeshadow, Perfect Peach/Whisper Pressed Eyeshadow Duo, Diamonds Powder Eye Colour, Ebony Liquid Eyeliner, Apricot/Orange Vanilla Botanical Lip Gloss Duo.

Our Expressive Spring Blossom Collection includes: White Satin Crème Eyeshadow, Satin Peach/Chocolate Hazelnut Pressed Eyeshadow Duo, Winter Frost Body Glitter, Black Liner Pencil, Berry Blush/Mint Botanical Lip Gloss Duo.

Pressed Eyeshadow Singles

2 gm

Our Pressed Eyeshadows are richly pigmented, go on silky smooth & blend easily and beautifully for all-day wear.

Pressed Eyeshadow Duos

2.5 gm

Two high pigmented pressed eyeshadow shades in one convienent compact that go on silky smooth, blend easily and for beautiful all-day wear.

Body Glitter

0.85 gm

All-natural organic Body Glitters won't irritate sensitive eyes, skin or face. No metal or plastic, only eco-friendly micas, minerals & Organic Coconut Oil!

Powder Eye Colours

1 gm

Powder Eye Colours are all-natural, preservative-free, ideal for sensitive eyes, and available in Base, Matte, Shimmer, Sparkle & Mystics.

Liquid Eyeliner

4.5 gm

Get a bold, beautiful lines with our natural liquid eyeliner that stays put all day, doesn't irritate the skin, and promotes skin cell regeneration.

Botanical Lip Gloss

2 gm

Deliciously scented, un-sticky Botanical Lip Glosses. Light but moisturizing with a natural color and a perfect balance of shiny & shimmery.

Eye Liner Pencils

15 ml

Vegan-friendly eye liner pencils made with Organic Butters & Oils for smooth gliding, while being richly pigmented for a bold and beautiful look.

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