Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques

Items Used:

  • Vanilla Creme Powder Eye Base Colour
  • Teak/Poppy Pressed Eyeshadow Duo
  • Champagne Powder Eye Colour
  • Ebony Liquid Eyeliner
  • Black/Brown Powder Brow Colour
  • Winter Frost Body Glitter
  • Starlight Body Glitter


How To:

  1. Brush Vanilla Creme Powder Eye Colour Base over entire eye area.
  2. Apply Teak Pressed Eye Duo in crease of eye.
  3. Blend Poppy Pressed Eye Duo over lower lid.
  4. Highlight with Champagne Powder Eye Colour above crease color and just under brow.
  5. Line eyes with Liquid Eyeliner and add Black/Brown Powder Brow Colour underneath liner under eyes
  6. Tap Winter Frost Body Glitter over liner underneath eyes and along underside of wing 
  7. Finish by blending Starlight Body Glitter under Winter Frost 


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