Don't Wash Your Face


One day I went to my favorite local farm store to pick up some food. At the register, the store has flyers for upcoming classes that typically range from how to make your own sauerkraut and the like. So, I usually make it a point to glance at the flyer whenever I'm there. And, this particular flyer really caught my eye. I saw that there was going to be a class that talked about organic skincare... my interests were peaked, but then I read further.


Ever since I've hit puberty, I knew that washing your face twice a day was the key for glowing, healthy skin! Or at least that's what I had been told.

I took one of the flyers with me and made a promise to myself that no matter what I would show up to that class. 

Fast forward two weeks to the night of class, I was the first one there and took a seat in the front row.

As Lauren began telling her story about why and how she started her company, I couldn't help but notice that her skin looked amazing! When she started talking about her skincare routine my ears really perked up. She said that at night she wipes her face with a biodegradable wipe that contains organic apple cider vinegar, organic aloe juice and many other incredible ingredients, and first thing in the morning she puts on a skin serum and that's it. She then went on to say the reason why it works so well is because when we stop stripping away the sebum and other beneficial oils from our face the oils can actually do their job. Sebum is a protective barrier that keeps bacteria from getting inside the pores. The ingredients in Lauren Brooke’s face wipes work with the natural oils to keep our skin protected instead of just stripping away the oils.

My jaw dropped. I was astonished! Is it really that simple? Can I do it? Would it actually work with my skin?

Everyone in the class got a free sample of Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Organic Skin Serum that I was super excited to try when I got home. I came home from that class empowered to try something new. I was going to reduce my face washing from twice a day to once a day-I was brave but not that brave yet ;) I was only going to wash my face at night and then in the morning just put on the skin serum and continue on with my day.

Within the first week I noticed that the acne that has plagued me for months was beginning to go away. And about a month after the class I stopped washing my face daily and my skin has been very clear since. So, I’m glad that I stopped washing my face.