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Powder FoundationThere has been a lot of talk about the possible respiratory concerns from powder makeup.

When using powder foundations there are 4 key items to be aware of:

1) Ingredients

1) Particle size

2) Binding agents

2) Application techniques

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques has been aware of these concerns, and because of their commitment to creating safe and healthy cosmetics for women, have designed their Foundation Powders specifically with these four points and your health in mind!

First, their powders have been formulated with NO titanium dioxide because test results have found this ingredient to have possible links to respiratory cancers.  Second, they use NO nano-sized particles in any of their powders because these particles are small enough to be transferred through the skin as well as on a cellular level, especially when inhaled.  Third, Organic Jojoba Oil is infused into their powders to help bind loose particles together and create a 'weightier' powder, which keeps it on the applicator and face, instead of floating in the air for possible inhalation.  Lastly, each powder container contains a deluxe satin puff.  These puffs can be used to wipe the powder on the face, instead of using a brush, which tends to create more dust when applying.  After applying the powder with the puff, then a Kabuki or Powder brush can be used to create a smooth, finished look.

Integrating the healthiest ingredients, larger particle sizes, plant-based organic binding agents, and dustless application tools and techniques into a powder makes Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Foundation Powders the healthiest powders available for you and your overall health!

Written by Lauren Brooke — March 14, 2013


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