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Creme FoundationYou've got the good stuff, now how do you use it?

Here are some great tips for using Lauren Brooke Creme Foundation:

1)  A foundation brush, cosmetic wedge, or just clean fingertips can be used to apply the foundation.  When applying, use upward and outward strokes to avoid stretching or pulling the skin.  This will help reduce the potential for future wrinkles - nice!

2)  The foundation has been created in such a way that you can control the amount of coverage desired by increasing or decreasing the amount of Creme applied.  The less  Creme that is used, the lighter the coverage will be, the more Foundation that is used, the greater the coverage will be.  If even more coverage is desired, you can use either Creme Concealer underneath, or our Silk Veil or Powder Foundation over the Creme.

3)   If your skin tends to be more  oily, using Lauren Brooke Finishing Powder over the Creme will help to absorb any excess oils and give a more matte look.

Using these tips will give you a natural, beautiful look with gorgeous coverage!


Written by Lauren Brooke — March 13, 2013


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