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My absolute favorite foundation is made by LaurenBrookeCosmetiques.Com. It is a 100% blend of natural vitamins, minerals, and pigmentations that comprise a 97.5% organic blend. I really love that there are no toxic chemicals or unnecessary ingredients that I have to place on my skin because I do love wearing a daily foundation. In general, since I like wearing a natural look, this foundation is perfect for using everyday at the gym or anyone wanting to achieve the natural look. It is pretty lightweight and glides on super smooth like mousse, and it is not heavy. The foundation is buildable as far as coverage, and for those of you that like super extra full coverage (which I do in the evening), I use the powder foundation on top of this cream foundation. I dust it over in the spots that require that a more matte finish which provides me with that full coverage. Otherwise, I would use a finishing powder over it. A lot of companies and brands out there claim to be "natural or organic", but the proof is in the pudding. It doesn't take much to see what you are placing on your skin, simply read your ingredients.... Let me say that again..READ your ingredients!!! You dont have to be a pro, if you can't pronounce it understand what 1/3-1/2 the ingredients are then there's your answer. Believe me as someone who used to be an avid MAC cosmetics user, I threw away thousands of dollars of make up after I learned what we are placing on our bodies. Mainstream Brands can promote organic or natural all they want but if you truly knew what you were placing on your skin, you would be rather disgusted. The last great thing I love about this foundation is, since sunscreen is actually not that good for you because of some of the toxic ingredients, I love how this blend is equivalent to a 28 SPF all using natural ingredients. I highly suggest ordering a few samples to make sure it's a right color match for your skin. Head to and the code: realglutenfreemeals which gets you 20% off of already amazing prices! This is my shot - look at how rich it is ️

Written by LaurenBrookeCosmetiques.Com — March 04, 2016

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