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In E.U. there is over 1300 banned ingredients in the cosmetics industry - whereas in the USA there is only 10! Seems crazy, right?

We travelled across USA to meet the best manufacturers and are happy to import brands such as S.W. Basics and Alima Pure - and also soon available to you Innersense Organic Beauty and LaurenBrookeCosmetiques.Com.

Now we would like to show support to one more clean and amazing brand, Au Naturale Cosmetics who is driving the Clean Beauty Lobby for clear, transparent labeling of cosmetics in the USA. This would benefit consumers globally as there is no connection between the different regulations and global online sales. You can read more and sign the petition at the link below.

Clean Beauty Lobby – Au Naturale Cosmetics

The Clean Beauty Revolution demands clear, transparent labelling of beauty products in the USA. Consumers have the right to know which ingredients go into the p

Written by TwistBe — November 21, 2015

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